Wooden topsheet in wood evolution technology


The secret behind the OPERA Skis wooden skis

Wood evolution™ is a composite material derived from natural wood which, thanks to a particular patented process, evolves into a whole new material. This technology allows us to build skis with natural wooden topsheets without compromising their functionality, and even increasing their performance and durability. The use of Wood evolution™ also makes our skis more sustainable, allowing us to completely eliminate the use of standard plastic materials and inks.

Patent certificate for invention – November 2020

Powder freestyle skis in natural wood | Art 111 | OPERA Skis

Wood evolution™ not only has exceptional mechanical and structural properties but also allows the use of very thin layers of material, acquiring characteristics that natural wood cannot have, with a multitude of possible applications.

All this while maintaining an absolutely natural aesthetic in which the characteristics of the wood grain are enhanced, such as veins and knots. The final appearance is one of natural wood, which can come in different types or be dyed.
The wood then undergoes a treatment based on natural oils and waxes, which the user can perform independently over the years, to reinvigorate the skis and keep them functional, through the
OPERA Beauty Care Treatment

Finally, using laser technology, we are able to engrave our logo on the topsheets’ surface, avoiding the use of inks and prints of any kind, with the chance of creating customization for customers who desire an even more unique and special pair of skis.

You can admire all the wooden OPERA ski models in our Online Ski Shop, and learn about all their shapes, features and specs allowing you to choose the most suitable pair of skis for you.


What makes the OPERA wooden skis so special

Improved mechanical properties, exceptional flexibility
Enhanced natural properties, Water repellent.
High durability, dimensional stability.


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