Every OPERA ski is built using state-of-the-art design and by combining processing tools, such as numerical control machining centres to cut and prepare materials and an artisanal assembly and finishing method. We also perform a precise control of glueing, heating and cooling times, using temperatures to blend them perfectly and get the best of their properties. It’s a process where hands and eyes are still the protagonists, following the production step by step, constantly checking its quality.

Performance skis


The on-site and independent production of all the OPERA skis allows us to have total control of each construction phase, carefully choosing and optimizing materials and energies while limiting waste. Our skis are built trying to reduce plastic as much as possible, using bamboo for sidewalls and spacers, and dimensioning all the components in favour of natural materials. In addition to this, our Wood Evolution patent allows us to use natural wood for the core and the topsheets.


With OPERA skis, the wood returns to being the protagonist. It’s not only a tribute to the origins of this sport but an encouragement for a different way of living and practising it. Wood is a material that has been in use since prehistoric times, a material which man trusts; it is a living and organic material but also very strong and durable. Thanks to its natural diversity, each piece of wood is unique, and so are the OPERA skis. But at the same time, wood doesn’t change over the years; it has a timeless beauty that goes beyond trends and seasonality.

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