Nose of an hadcrafted wooden ski by OPERA Skis



Twenty years dedicated to innovation and thanks to insights and experience gained on the ski slopes, the race tracks and working for some of the most influential companies in the winter sports sector. Alessandro Marchi “Sandy” founded OPERA Skis, a genuine company that produces handcrafted wooden skis completely Made in Italy, based in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Our artisan skills combined with the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system has allowed the creation of a company that stands out on the world scene.
Our production methods have led the OPERA SKIS to obtain excellent results while confronting famous ski brands in the sector.

Opera handcrafted skis - artisanal cutting


Mass marketing and attention to aesthetics have taken the focus away from a product’s real value. The primary objective of each OPERA ski is to be characterized primarily by extraordinary performance, capable of thrilling and responding to the user’s requests and needs.

OPERA Skis finds its place into the skiing world where aesthetics is combined with performance, interpreting the wishes of the skier at 360 °, with a high-performance, unique and personalized line of skis.

Unlike aesthetic-only products, high-end products require the appreciation of creativity, manufacturing, performance, modernity and functionality, all founding elements of every high-quality sports gear.

You can check out all the OPERA skis on our Online Ski Shop, and consult all the technical specs on the features page in order to choose the best pair of skis for you.

Skialp Touring with OPERA Skis


The Artisan work represents one of the hallmarks of Italian culture and economy, acting as the basis for the creation of each new product.

We build OPERA skis in an artisanal way, but make use of the latest generation of design and finishing tools. We combine numerically controlled machining centers for cutting and preparing materials with an artisanal gluing method where human hands and eyes remain the protagonists.

We follow the production of each pair of skis step by step and check their quality several times during the process.

Modern craftsmanship is the key to creating products with unique performance, controlling their quality and allowing them to be replicable.

This combination of expertise and technology is not reproducible in industrial production processes, nor in those of the traditional craftsman.

Artisans at work on the OPERA handcrafted skis
Wooden topsheet in wood evolution technology

Thanks to the harmony between materials and craftsmanship, OPERA skis are not only aesthetically unique, but also in terms of performance, durability and above all pleasantness.

The focus of the company is in fact not the competition but the fun, the ease of use, the lightness and thrill of the descent, for all ski-men and ski-women; a goal that differentiates us from any other company in the skiing world.

The continuous search for perfection allows us to control every single aspect and feature, allowing us to modify them for the individual: an innovation close to the consumer, seeking solutions to the needs of skiers, with the aim of thrilling.


It’s not a single material that determines the quality of a ski, but the perfect harmony of all those in use.

For our skis, we use very complex wooden cores, composed of selected wood types and put together with unique assembly devices in the sector, such as the control of bonding temperatures. We treat the finishing process with equal care.

The wooden topsheet surface that characterizes the OPERA handcrafted skis is the result of the use of our patented Wood Evolution™ technology.

Thanks to Wood Evolution™, wood is once again the main protagonist, making each pair of skis unique, thanks to its natural diversity with timeless beauty that goes beyond the seasonality of serial products.

Final hand waxing
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