A page designed to explain the specs and technologies behind OPERA skis, to help you choose the best skis for your skiing style.



Resort Ski construction

This construction has been specifically developed for our Resort collection models, to give birth to the most fun carving skis ever!
A dynamic poplar-ash woodcore, combined with a full Titanal layer and wrapped with our bamboo-ply sidewalls, for maximum precision and power. Top quality foils and nano-graphite bases complete the structure, making our Resort Skis capable of reaching even the highest speeds.
Our “slow-cooking” method merges all the materials harmoniously making soft and pleasant carving skis lighter than the standard, without losing stability and edge hold.


Light ski construction

A mix of ash and poplar in different percentages to obtain a lightweight but powerful woodcore. Perfect for floating in powder and reliable for carving even on the hardest snow and in icy conditions. Keeping the skis light while improving their performance in different terrain and conditions, we chose a triaxial fiberglass combined in some models with flax-carbon reinforcements. Finally, a bamboo plate positioned underfoot makes all our skis compatible with the ski-touring and telemark bindings. The bamboo and our trademark wooden topsheet keep the weight low while the best quality edges and bases complete the construction, making it strong and durable.


La costruzione "light" degli Sci in legno by OPERA

Our lightest construction, developed for our
art87 backcountry skis
and the art135 freeride/deep powder skis. A woodcore composed of the best quality paulownia, locally grown and processed, reinforced with ash stripes and combined with the same trademark elements of our powerful freeski construction. These elements, together with our Wood Evolution topsheet plus the bamboo plates and sidewalls, allow us to realize some super-light skis compared to their size, without sacrificing on-piste performance. For our art87 ski touring model, we have selected a special hybrid fiberglass, to make it even more performant in the ascents.

*material quantity/structure/dimensions change according to the different ski models


Bamboo sidewall on the OPERA wooden skis


Bamboo ski plates



Profilo freeride rocker per sci freeride Opera Skis

A profile developed for our Resort Collection skis and derived from the traditional carving ski profile. The camber is characterized by a slight and soft curve, going from the contact points close to the ends up to the apex in the middle of the ski. These skis produce more pressure on the snow and they require more accurate turn initiation, but they do deliver superb precision and power on groomers and harder snow. The skier’s weight charges a concentrated pressure on the edge from tip to tail, resulting in increased edge hold and reliability.


Profilo freeride rocker per sci freeride Opera Skis

This profile combines the traditional camber underfoot with a modern, wide and elongated rocker tip. In the Freeride / Rocker skis, the front contact point is set back from the tip, while the rear contact point remains close to the tail. The rockered tip gives a better flotation in powder and keeps the skis manoeuvrable and less “catchy” on hard snow, while the camber transmits energy to the edges and guarantees excellent edge hold, making these skis versatile enough to handle mixed snow conditions.


Profilo twin rocker per sci freeride OPERA Skis

Thanks to this profile, the skis have the playfulness and floatation typical in a full rockered ski, without losing edge hold and versatility. The contact points are closer to the middle of the ski but remain out of the binding area. The cambered midsection provides a longer edge, increasing edge hold and stability also on hard snow, while the rockered tip and tail provide floatation also in the deepest snow, giving our twin rocker skis an incredible manoeuvrability.



Our Resort skis are designed for those who love the feeling of leading the skis on the edges, carving perfect turns. Edge to edge quickness and responsive turn initiation/exit are their main skills: they will perform at their best on perfectly groomed slopes and hardpack snow in the best resorts worldwide.


All-mountain skis are developed for skiing the entire mountain. If you’re looking for some “do- it- all” skis, these models are the right choice. They are designed to handle every kind of slope and condition, from powder to ice, from perfectly groomed slopes to end-of-the-day conditions.


If you are always looking for powder, whether at your local resort, on backcountry missions or by heliski, these skis are made for you. They are wide but lightweight, rockered and with a relatively soft flex in order to float and remain manoeuvrable in deep snow. Some models are also suitable for ski touring, and do not fear hard or mixed snow conditions.

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