On-Piste Skis

The OPERA Skis on-piste, downhill ski line.
Race Carve and Allround models, designed to draw perfect turns and experience new sensations…

Gli sci da pista della Resort Collection by OPERA Skis

The Resort Collection is the OPERA Skis downhill ski line, made in finely crafted natural wood. OPERA Skis.

Within the Resort Collection, you can find versatile and fun to ride Allround Skis, and performing Race Carve Skis, dedicated to speed and lovers of carved-turns.


To find your ideal on-piste downhill skis, choose a length and sidecut radius based on your technique and skiing style.

Ski Length

The length is one of the most important aspects to take into account when choosing skis.
This should be decided according to your technical level, skiing style, and the terrain on which you intend to use the skis.

In addition to this proportion, the choice falls on a shorter size for more maneuverable and versatile skis and a longer size for wide turns and stability at high speeds.

Especially for advanced skiers, the length of choice will depend on the type of ski you want to ride:

  • Slalom skis: should be shorter to be responsive and effective in short-radius turns.
  • Giant Slalom skis: choose longer skis, to handle long-radius turns (>14m) and better stability at higher speeds.

Ski Weight

Weight too affects the choice of the skis:

  • If you weigh less than average for your height, choose a ski with a shorter length or a softer flex.
  • If you weigh more than average, choose a longer or stiffer ski.

Our Suggestions for choosing your Downhill Skis

Intermediate Skier:

  • You are looking for a versatile Allround ski for improving technique and having fun: art77 equal or below your height.
  • If you prefer short-radius curves and are willing to get better in Slalom: art65 in a shorter size, below your height.
  • If you are committed to long-radius curves and want to increase speed: art72 equal to the skier’s height.

Advanced Skier:

  • If you are passionate about Slalom: art65 in a shorter size, below your height.
  • If you are looking for a fun yet performing Race Carve ski: art65 or art72.
  • If you want a powerful and faster Race Carve ski: art65 evo.



A profile derived from that of a traditional downhill skis but specifically developed for our Resort collection. Its camber is characterized by a soft and light curve going from the contact points near the ends to the apex in the center of the skis.

These skis can transmit great pressure on the snow and require an accurate turn setup, but they respond with incredible precision and power on hard, groomed snow.

The skier’s weight provides uniform edge pressure from tip to tail, achieving perfect hold and superior stability.

Resort Ski construction


A construction specifically developed for our Resort collection models, giving birth to the most fun carving skis ever!

A dynamic poplar-ash wood core, combined with a full Titanal layer and wrapped with our bamboo-ply sidewalls, for maximum precision and power. Top-quality foils and nano-graphite bases complete the structure, making our Resort Skis capable of reaching even the highest speeds.

Our “slow-cooking” method merges all the materials harmoniously, allowing for soft and pleasant downhill skis, lighter than the standard, but without losing stability and edge hold.

sci da discesa su pista


Every ski model from the OPERA Resort collection is a specific tool and the choice for you will depend on your primary use for the skis, as well as subjective parameters.
Check out the categories below according to the type of skier you are, and select the model you like best to view its specs. Contact us directly for more information or advice.


Our high-performance Allround skis are designed for intermediate to expert skiers who want to enjoy the snow and the mountain. These skis are suitable for both carving turns and more relaxed skiing on all types of slopes and in all snow conditions.

A generous width in the center provides superior stability even to the smaller sizes, while the medium flex ensures effortless turn initiation for those looking for a forgiving and easy-to-handle ski setup but still capable of giving great satisfaction.


125 – 77 – 110 mm
Allround Skis for effortless carved turns

sci da pista in legno blu | art77 | OperaSkisAll-round skis in blue wood | art 77 | OperaskisAll-round skis in blue wood | art 77 | Operaskis


128 – 89 – 113 mm
Vintage design meets the most modern technologies

Sci vintage in legno di Noce | Art 89 | OPERA SkisSci vintage in legno di Noce | Art 89 | OPERA Skis


Our Race Carve models are high-performance skis designed for the different styles and disciplines of downhill skiing, from Slalom to Giant.

Effortless edging and responsive turns are their key qualities: they will deliver their full potential on perfectly groomed slopes and hardpack, whether at your home resort or in the best ski areas around the world.

Their narrow center aids turn initiation and provides a reliable grip during turns, while their stiff flex allows you to hold on to the edges and maintain good speed even on the most difficult, steep, and icy slopes. These skis are really fun, particularly for experienced skiers who love speed and carved turns, allowing for maximum expression of the skier’s technique.


118 – 65 – 100 mm
A ski model for the perfect turn artists

sci da pista in legno rosso | art65 | OperaSkisalpine race carve skis in red wood | art65 | OperaSkisalpine race carve skis in red wood | art65 | OperaSkis


123 – 72 – 107 mm
For having fun on any kind of slope with any snow condition

sci da pista in legno nero | art72 | OperaSkisalpine skis in black wood | art 72 | OperaSkisalpine skis in black wood | art 72 | OperaSkis

Art65 EVO

118 – 65 – 100 mm
A pair of skis that can be described in one word: Evolution

sci da pista in legno verde | art65evo | OperaSkisalpine race carve skis in green wood | art65 evo | OperaSkisalpine race carve skis in green wood | art65 evo | OperaSkis


Choose the ideal binding for your OPERA skis according to your technical level and preferred skiing style.

Always remember to check the compatibility with your ski boots and the DIN release chart values. In the event of a fall, one of the most important safety aspects is the correct adjustment of the binding, which must release easily to prevent injuries to the skier.

Marker FDT TPX 12 + FDT HP plate

Marker X-CELL R-MOTION 12 + R-MOTION plate

Marker Race X-CELL 12 o 16 + WC PC plate


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