Have you ever wondered how to always keep your skis Wood Evolution™ topsheet in excellent condition?

Our finish is obtained through the application of several layers with our tested mixture compromising natural oils and waxes which are composed of sunflower oil, thistle oil, soya oil, linseed oil, carnauba wax and candelilla wax.

The innovation of this natural finish is in the mixture of oils and waxes that form a porous, micro-filtering and waterproof protection, maintaining a natural appearance while also being resistant to dirt and liquids, without being film-forming. The oily component penetrates into the wood’s pores and saturates them, while the waxy part settles on the wood’s surface, protecting it like a paint. The combined use emphasizes the wood’s naturalness, highlighting its grain. Cracks, knots, and veins are the soul of wood, these imperfections tell us its history and the creation of it, a unique and inimitable material. The finish absorbs the light without reflecting it, creating a warm effect, more realistic than painting. Finally, the whole surface will feel smooth to the touch.

the beauty care treatment kit included with operaskis in a red wood finish


To protect the Wood Evolution surface it is important to take care of it whenever necessary with the provided Beauty Care Treatment. The kit can be used for the periodic surface maintenance, to repair scratches and to “feed” the wood, through the sanding pad and the oil treatment.


Lightly smooth the wooden surface with the sanding pad, focusing more on areas where there might be scratches and dirt.


Accurately remove the dust and clean up the skis, which must be smooth and dry before applying the treatment.


Pour some treatment on the provided cloth and spread it out, oiling the whole surface. Don’t use too much: the wood has to absorb the treatment and the surface should not remain greasy.


Let your skis rest in a dry and ventilated area for 12 to 24 hours.
You are now ready to hit the slopes again!

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