Just as the wood they are made from, every Opera ski is unique.
These finishes are illustrative and will vary in grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.

natural ash

red ash

black ash

green ash

powder-blue ash

orange ash

blue ash


Abonos™ fossil wood

Abonos™ is a fossil oak sourced from rivers of the Sava area, at the northwestern border of the Balkan Peninsula. Its preservation process is special because, although being the result of an underwater storage, it manages to keep its original properties, at the same time, increasing its hardness. It can be defined as a sub-fossil: there has been a prolonged storage under low oxygen levels, starting a genuine fossilization that remained incomplete. Older trunks can be older than 8000 years, with colors that vary from golden to black, always with different shades. Each trunk is so, not only a raw material but also a piece of history.

*This finish requires a surcharge.

dettaglio sci art 89 in legno fossile abonos
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